Child X-raySnowmass Village Dental is dedicated to providing its patients with the most effective dental treatments, using the latest state-of-the-art advances in dental techniques and technologies.

The advanced technologies we employ include:

  • CEREC – with the CEREC system, we can offer custom-designed same-day crowns.
  • Laser Dentistry – using soft-tissue and hard-tissue lasers, our office can reduce operative complications like bleeding and swelling, and minimize post-operative recovery time.
  • Digital X-Rays – digital x-rays are faster than traditional film-based x-rays and they can reduce patient’s exposure to radiation by up to 90 percent!
  • 3D Dental Imaging – with our 3D dental imaging system, we can get computer-precise 3D digital models of the inside of your mouth, ensuring our diagnoses and treatments are as accurate as possible.

Snowmass Village Dental

  • Snowmass Village Dental - 25 Lower Woodbridge Rd., Suite 200, Snowmass Village, CO 81615 Phone: 970-923-5777

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