Holistic Dentistry

Smiling Woman.Over recent years, as health awareness in general has increased, many people have become more concerned with what they put in their bodies and how that affects their health. Some desire a more egalitarian partnership with their doctors and dentists, so that they can make the most informed healthcare decisions based on the latest information. For those who are seeking an approach to dental healthcare that takes the whole person into account, holistic dentistry offers many benefits.

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

It's not about what exams you've taken, what degrees you hold, or what groups you join. Holistic dentistry is really a philosophy that guides the practice, emphasizing whole-body health and well-being. Traditional dentists often focus on treating dental disease — and of course that's an important component of any dental practice. But holistic dentists take it a step further by considering how your dental condition — and our treatment of it — will affect your systemic health over the long term.

For example, we always ask:

  • What are the underlying reasons for your personal history of tooth decay or gum disease?
  • What materials can we use to restore your teeth that will be the most biocompatible and least toxic?
  • What dental procedures might adversely affect your health?

Holistic dentistry also seeks to empower patients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their own healthcare. We want to be your trusted source of dental knowledge and bring you fully into the decision-making process regarding all your treatment options.

Mercury-Free Fillings

An important component of the holistic dental practice is the avoidance of mercury. We don't use it, and we can safely remove any old amalgam fillings you have and replace them with non-toxic materials. What's more, we can provide testing to determine which filling materials would be most biocompatible for you personally, as different immune systems can react differently to the various restorative materials in use today. It's just one of the many ways we seek to care for the whole you — not just your teeth!

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